Design that WORKS for you

Dancing Fish is a marketing & graphic design studio that caters to businesses that have progressed beyond the start-up phase. They are in need of fresh and original graphic design solutions that are more suited to their audience than they were in the beginning.

About YOU

I LOVE working with folks like you. You’ve been buying graphic design for awhile No cookie cutter graphics here!– but are looking for a new take on things and know that your business needs a little sprucing up to stand out in the marketplace. It’s time to tighten things up – build a consistent look.

Today more than ever, it’s such a cluttered world and we all want to stand out as originals. I believe you deserve original design – NOTHING cookie cutter here.

What’s in it for you? No junior designer or intern will be working on your project. Why’s that? Because I’m in this for YOU. You get tons of experience and innovative ideas tailor made JUST for you.

This is about taking YOUR biz to the next level and looking like a champ. This is YOUR time. Your time to stand out – not be a wallflower – have a business identity that is unique to YOU and doesn’t look like everyone in your industry. Be daring. Be different. Be original. It’s ok!

“Jennifer did some great graphic design work for my company and provided a quality product, great customer service and flexibility. She went beyond the contracted work that we agreed and assisted in additional areas relative to graphic design that was helpful in branding for my company. I enjoyed working with her and look forward to contracting her company again in the future!”  – Ted Gee, Live Music Tutor

About Me

I wholeheartedly believe every company should have great graphics. It’s your calling card. You don’t want to look like you threw something together on the fly!

Dancing Fish Design Loves DesignHi. I’m Jennifer, your well seasoned graphics goddess. Yeah, ok, that may be a bit much. I’m all about the design, not the bass – but the design – yep – that’s more like it! In 1996, I hung out the Dancing Fish Design shingle and have been making my clients look like rock stars ever since.

When I learned I could make a living making art, I was all over the graphics thing so I majored it in back when we had T-squares and drawing boards and plaka and ruling pens (you may want to Google ‘vintage design tools’) but years ago, I traded those tools in for a mouse and a keyboard but the design principles are still the same. Now I get to create and build cool projects for for all kinds of cool clients I’ve met along the way.

Dancing Fish Design Personality PhotoI’m curious about your business. I’ll ask a ton of questions: Why did you start? Is it your passion? Was it a family business you inherited? or maybe you stumbled into it? But all of the answers YOU provide allow me great insight into YOUR business.

I’m a designer, chocolate lover, shoe obsessed, distance runner. And I’ll be the first to tell you something happens every day that makes my life resemble a Seinfeld episode – today – the Black & White Cookie!

Born in Indiana, College in Ohio (THE Miami University) and a College Program in Florida courtesy of the mouse would explain how I ended up in Orlando.

I’m crazy about what I do. Let’s work together. Let’s make your business look rock-star friendly and then YOU, too can get up and dance!