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Enjoy 2016 Greeting Card Design
My word for 2016 – greeting card design for clients and vendors


Since 2008, I’ve been designing an original Dancing Fish New Year’s card (the December holidays have become a bit complicated, as I’m sure you know) for my clients, vendors, family and friends. The card focuses on a word for the year. It’s become a theme song of sorts. For example: 2015 was THRIVE. 2014 was ACTION. 2013 was EXTRAORDINARY. The goal is for me to choose a word that is NOT one that can be found on one of those “whale tail” posters in a conference room poster catalog! Ugh! AND, the word can be referenced throughout the next 365 days.

The last recession was R.E.A.L. I have friends who lost jobs, businesses, homes, etc. and it was long and depressing. I have a large number of business owners in my circle and most of those folks have at one time or another been struggling to survive. Finally, the pressure feels off and the one thing I know a lot of folks haven’t been doing is taking the time to just hang out, relax, and [drumroll, please] enjoy life. I know there were times that I was running in circles.

The definition of ENJOY is to have satisfaction in experiencing, possessing what you have or what you are doing. That’s good stuff. Another definition is to undergo an improvement – as in, to enjoy the increase in business.

My wish is for a year filled full of adventure and to Enjoy the ride! Click To Tweet

So as the year gets started and you’re still planning or implementing your new plans – don’t forget to stop – smell the roses, so to speak. Be grateful for where you are even if you think you know where you’re going – be sure to stop and ENJOY where you are right now.

I know I will.

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