Design – a commodity?

what really gets your goatThis spring, I participated in a 25-day/5 week/intensive delve deep into your biz workshop and one of the exercises we completed started with this… “What REALLY gets your goat?” Are you ready? Here we go…

I’m not sure when design became more of a commodity than a service. But I. Do. Not. Like. It. I am an education junkie and I listen to a lot of webinars and podcasts while I work but what is amazing to me is the number of people who do NOT know their market. I sit and listen to the hosts tell their audiences… Find it as cheap as possible OR “You don’t need to hire a designer – you can do it yourself.” Today I’m going to talk about the latter.

Well first of all, way to alienate your audience (!) and second, I hate to tell you this but the majority of folks cannot – D.I.Y. graphic design. All the tools in the world don’t give anyone who doesn’t “have it” any design or artistic sensibility. If you are often calling your friends for what shoes you should wear with that dress or what top with those pants…please don’t start trying to cobble together your own graphics.

Think of graphic design as the [fabulous] outfit your business will be wearing…a lot. Does your business get dressed to appeal to YOU or to YOUR market? (I believe I JUST came up with yet another topic for another time.) Even if you’re executing brilliantly – is the thought process behind the design working? Design doesn’t just have to look good but it needs to work and work effectively to move your audience. That’s nuance. That’s a great deal of what design is all about. And it’s a lot of the reason I love it so daggone much.

So if you’ve got the chops, be my guest – do it yourself all day long. But if you’re wavering and remember – this is your business you’re dressing up to take out for a night on the town (same outfit – several years!) – then you really should hire a pro. Give it some thought.

Wow – that felt great. We did that exercise on the other end of the spectrum too. You’ll read that one another time. But for now – about your career, your chosen field of interest…what really gets YOUR goat?

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