I’ll bet you think you’re still typing…

I'll bet you think you're still typingPsst…I have to tell you something. There is an entire generation (or 3) of people who think they’re still typing. Guess what? You’re not. Since we’ve given up typewriters for computers, we’re all typesetting. Guess what the difference is? Any takers?

No worries – I’m gonna tell you – 1 space in between sentences. NOT 2.

So you know how you decide to justify a paragraph and end up with a huge gaping hole in the middle of your text? If you remove that extra space, more than likely your page would work out a whole lot better than it is looking right now. I know, I know, it’s a difficult habit to break. I have clients who often ask – did you take out the spaces? Yep, I sure did – they no longer belong and depending on your typography may look glaringly like a big old doughnut in the middle of the page…whether it’s a brochure, a postcard, a poster, or even a website.

So that’s my pro tip for you today – we’ve all become conservationists of some kind – save yourself some time – only hit the space bar once – unless of course you’re still working on a Smith-Corona from 1976.

Then you’re STILL typing.

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