Out with the old…


The good thing about a new year is the ability to set the reset button. I LOVE that…all of the missteps of the previous year are lessons learned but you get to pause, learn from them and then throw them right out the window. [I’ve got a few that need to go into a bonfire.] I’m learning not to dwell on them but to just move on.

I’m not a resolution kind of gal but I love to set goals for the new year. I had a big one for a personal project last year that I missed and I’m kicking myself for it but have at least figured out the nuts and bolts of why which is basically that I was just not ready. I took a ton of classes about things I can add as client offerings. Automation/email design/lead magnets (still working on my own), etc. – but I wasn’t concentrating on my personal pet project only on how to service my clients. Not that there’s ANY thing wrong with that especially when you’re a service provider but sometimes you’ve got to take care of yourself. That’s all there is to it.

I fell in love with design because of all of it’s versatility. This pet project that I’ll share with you later is LOADED with options. I also set myself up at the end of the 2015 by meeting some exciting and fascinating new people. Some may become great strategic partnerships, some may become clients but I took the time to get to know them and them me. Someone asked me why he should hire me when there are a ton of other designers out there. He had already relayed some challenges he was having with a current designer and how the needs of his company were not being met. My answer – “I’ll listen.” I’ll listen til the cows come home but as the client, you have to be committed to keep talking to expressing your views. I may be one heck of a designer but I’m no mind reader. I do believe we have a nice fit there.

I’m excited. I’m excited for new challenges. New work. New opportunities. I’m excited to wake up in the morning and hit reset instead of snooze and get a move on. There are places to go and people to see.

Bring it on 2016. We’ve got some work to do.

Happy New Year!

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