The First of Many

thefirstofmanyaI may not blog often or long but I WILL blog. That’s my promise to both you and to me. People find it hard to believe I haven’t been doing this longer – trust me – I always have something to say.

I’ve been lucky. I chose my career many moons ago and we’ve been together for a VERY long time. I took a ton of lessons as a kid but I always loved it when I could use my brain and walk away with messy hands and something to show for it. Art classes, decoupage (yep!) and anything creative is what stuck. College was all about graphic design and pastels! Oh, the glorious pastels – but graphic design became the career.

I started out designing wallpaper of all things – somebody’s got to do it – but you know what I missed? The marketing message. Creating an actionable reaction from design. Now that’s a cool way to spend a career. So come on in – hang out – we can chat about design and business and all things colorful – and if I can fit in a metaphor with running involved, I’ll probably do that too! But if there’s something in particular you want to know about design, let me know. I’ll get you the information you’re looking for.

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