Trends. Blech.

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My freak flag in downtown Otown at Lake Eola

There seem to be some interesting trends in marketing these days. But they seem to be contradicting each other. A whole lot of businesses are using a shot of an overview of a desk and their computer on their website right now (find me a desk that neat and tidy and well styled!) Yet, this is the complete antithesis of what every marketer is saying…’stand out’…’be different’… (and my personal favorite) ‘wave your freak flag high’ yet everyone appears to be doing/showing the same thing. (Bet you expected this image to be of a desk after reading that, right?)

Well if that isn’t frustrating for a well-seasoned designer, I don’t know what is.

Is your business LIKE that other one? My bet is nope – not by a long shot – so why look like them? In the words of Russell Simmons, Do you!

Be as original as only you can be. I admit when redoing this web site, I thought maybe I should blah blah blah…or maybe I should yaddi yaddi yadda …in the end I shut out all the chatter – it was coming from all directions and did what felt right. For me. For my market. For my business. I had to be me – which is a bit on the nutty side but knows design inside and out.

I’d rather be the L.L.Bean or the Brooks Brothers of design. Keeping graphic design classic and timeless. Keep the trends for fashion – that odd piece you can switch out at the end of the season if it turns out to be a stinker. A business shouldn’t have to reinvent their look every season.

Tell me in the comments what you do to stand out without following a trend. Is your flag flying high?


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